Born in 1985, Cam Gould grew up in rural Maine and spent his free time exploring the forest and fields surrounding his home.  The rhythms and patterns of the natural world became ingrained in his conscience and continue to inform his artistic endeavors.  In middle school, Cam learned the fundamentals of photography and began carrying a camera on his journeys into the Maine woods.

Cam later attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA before returning to Maine to work as an arborist and mountain guide.  In 2013, Cam moved to Bridgeport, CT.  At first, he struggled to adapt to a more urban setting.  However, he soon discovered the many beautiful natural areas nearby and began photographing often-overlooked details, forms, and relationships within these spaces.  He hopes his work will inspire others to look more closely at, and care more deeply for the world beyond their usual routines.

Cam lives with his wife, Miranda, in Monroe, CT. His other artistic passion is sculpting wood.